About Josie

I’m Josie Williams and I have a passion for fitness. As a child I danced, going on to study all types of dance specialising in ballet at the Doreen Bird College of Performing Arts.

A trip to Canada in my early 20s introduced me to Aerobics, Step and body conditioning. On my return to the UK I completed my professional fitness courses and took up a role at the Celtic Manor Resort Hotel.

After a short break to raise my family, I returned to training by completing my pilates qualification via Fitness Wales, and pilates became my specialist area of teaching.

Over the last few years I have built up my portfolio of classes. I now run a range of pilates classes, for all ages and capabilities.

I am also proud of my track record for helping people on a one to one basis, whether their aim is to improve fitness, lose weight, or just keep motivated by trying something new.

I pride myself in my approach to fitness – I encourage and nurture confidence and it is great to see the results!

[testimonial name=”Lisa” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=””]“I started pilates almost 2 years ago when i was extremely overweight. I hadn’t done any type of exercise class for over 10 years and was nervous about starting because I knew how unfit I had become. Pilates was a great way of getting me back into exercising. You can start off at a very basic level and then try to do a bit more every week. Before you know it you are able to do the exercises that you never thought you would do! And the weight came off – 7.5 stone in 9 months. Far easier than I ever imagined it would and I was enjoying the classes too! Josie was a big support to me and encouraged me to push myself further than I would’ve otherwise done.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Emma” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=””]“I started Josie’s pilates classes as an absolute beginner. At the time it complemented my running training as I was hoping to do a half marathon. Josie was so encouraging and before long I was making great headway into my training and really seeing the benefits of pilates which was making my core much stronger, which in turn helped my running. And yes, I did then complete my half marathon!!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial name=”Colleen” gender=”female” company=”” link=”” target=””]“My one to one sessions with Josie have been a major factor in helping me increase my confidence and my fitness! After sitting down with me to agree my goals, we got to work and in no time I was fitter and have lost 2 stone in 2 months! I could not have done it without Josie’s help – she is so supportive! Thank you Josie!!”[/testimonial]